CREATIVE spaces: BIG & small

While we are going to be mostly stuck inside during this last mont of winter, we’ve decided to have a look at all the different rooms in our homes in a series called creative spaces: BIG & small. Every space has its own challenges: a big room is difficult to fill with the right proportions while a small room has layout obstacles to overcome.

To start with, I am going to look at small rooms. Here are some images to get you inspired – we look forward to staying indoors with you this month!


architecture design & architecture design

When in doubt – go up! Where floor space is a bit cramped, it is always a great idea to utilize the vertical space by installing a platform. This works especially well in an apartment where you can utilize the ceiling height for a bed.

colour me happy


Don’t be afraid to use colour in a small space: a pop of something bright is what gives these 2 rooms personality. Keep the background light and neutral and colour away!

Creative Small Spaces - Clever Cubbies

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The only challenge with a small space, is that you have to think a bit harder! Clever storage solutions are key as well as utilizing every possible nook and cranny: look the wasted space underneath stairs and beds for some much-needed stashing space.

fresh and friendly

handmade charlotte & this handmade home

Small spaces are great to create cosy nooks for kids rooms: personalize it with bold colours and patterns to make it a fun space.

scale down

hgtv & stylized living

Clutter is the ultimate enemy of a small space, so make sure that you scale down, pack up and throw away anything that you do not use. Keep it simple and clear!

Next up are big spaces – we are hugely excited to share them with you!