6 foolproof updates for a Spring-ready home

It may be just me, but no other season has quite the effect on me that Spring has. It makes me want to change things up, throw things out, and generally, take stock of my life and my home. Getting your home ready for the new season is really simple when you look at a few key elements: windows and window treatments, and home decor and accessories. Here are my 6 foolproof updates this season so if Spring fever has not quite taken hold of you yet, you’re in the right place!

1// take it down and wash it out

spring fever

My Domaine

The warmer weather is perfect for getting your curtains cleaned. Read the care label on your window treatments and wash it in the machine if possible, or have it dry-cleaned. That goes for removable upholstery, quilts, and throws as well.

2// hang something lighter

spring fever

Homemy Design

Spring is the perfect time to add some airy sheers to your windows. Pack your heavy draperies away and replace it with light linen and cotton that can sway in the breeze. Dress up the look with some designer crystal poles, or keep it simple with a classic natural wood pole.

PRO TIP: Curtain clips that make it easy to hang and replace curtains later as the season turns. That also means that you can use simple drops of fabric as a window treatment instead of made-to-measure curtains.

3// go floral

1. hertex florence in ebony //  2. sew & such floral bunting in red  //  3. home fabrics orsay in summer  //  4. h&m slub weave cushions cover // 5. handmade by me foliage on pink wallpaper  //  6. hertex exotic in dijon  //  7. sunkissed handmade floral letter  //  8. a love supreme palm in yellow //  9. sharon b design yellow protea cushion

As I mentioned in my The Most Inspiring Things in September post, florals for Spring are hardly groundbreaking stuff. But if Mother Nature can get away with redecorating with florals every year, so can we! Floral Roman blinds, scatter cushions, prints, rugs – anything that brings blooms into your home. Finishing Touches has a great variety of materials you can choose from so that it will light up your room this Spring. Make use of their made-to-measure service to make sure that your blinds fit your window perfectly. Here are some of the bright and breezy fabrics on offer!

4// lighten up textures


Pack away tweed, wool, heavy quilts, hide, thickly woven accessories, and throws. Replace them with light cotton bed covers, cotton throws, woven textures, and light fabric prints. Just this textural change alone will already make a huge difference to your interior.

5// throw some light around

spring fever

West Elm

Mirrors are an amazing way to bounce light around the room, so get that glorious spring sunshine into every nook and cranny with a few well-placed mirrors.

6// and as always, declutter and throw out

spring fever

My Domaine

The amazing thing about sorting out your home is that it seems to clear your head as well. Our homes are a reflection of ourselves so, if your home is a cluttered mess, chances are you don’t have a lot of mental and emotional clarity either. Clear out the old and redundant and make way for the new! I dedicated an entire section in my FREE e-course on decluttering, so if you haven’t yet signed up for it, you can do so here.

Happy Spring!

This post is proudly sponsored by Finishing Touches.


The Most Inspiring Things This September

September on Homeology has always been about storage and decluttering. Because I am a tad OCD, I am often compelled to have a vigorous declutter this time of year (and at other times of the year as well, but that is a different matter). What I find this year though, is that my decluttering is going much, much deeper – to an emotional and head-space level. This September, I feel the need to rid myself of limiting beliefs, habits that hold me back and yes, even my curly hair that has just become way too fussy for me. So, with my new straight hairdo, I am setting out this month on a journey of self-discovery, rediscovering the things that I am passionate about. Here are my favourite and most inspiring things this Spring, and yes, it involves lots and lots of flowers and bright colours. In the legendary words of Miranda Priestly in The Devil Wears Prada:

“Florals? For Spring? Groundbreaking.” 

1. Anna se Koek – my sister made this cake for her birthday yesterday. Isn’t it amazing?!? // 2. Navy Chinoiserie digital wallpaper // 3. Pecan Pie. Need I say more?  // 4. Ideas Magazine. Seriously, with a name like that, it’s bound to inspire. And that cover!! //  5. Bounty from the ocean at Gordon’s Bay  //  6. Paint Splashes: beauty in the imperfections!  //  7. Floral arrangements with vegetables – pretty delicious!  // 8. Jacobean Print Scatter  //  9. Natural wrapping with vine leaves  //  10.Pomegranate – those colours!  //  11. Fresh flowers from my garden  //  12. Heirloom aubergine – how gorgeous are those tiny green veins?  //  13. Embroidered Denim – I can’t wait to see how that’s going to translate to interiors!  //  14. It’s not new, but I still love leafy wallpaper.  //  15. My new tropical notebook – when you write down your ideas in something this exciting, they’re bound to be great!

Happy Spring!