10 Gorgeous ways to bring ultraviolet home this year

Of all the colours out there, purple and it’s relatives have to be my least favourite. I don’t have anything purple in my house, or in my closet. That being said, the first car that Joey and I bought together was purple, but that was more by luck than by choice. I have a shock every year when Pantone announces¬†its colour of the year, and it usually takes me a while to accept it. Except for green – you can never go wrong with green. I know that I am VERY late to jump on this year’s bandwagon, but I really have been struggling with this one. But if you can’t beat them, it’s better to don yourself in purple and call yourself a fan! Who knows, maybe before the end of the year, I will also own a piece of purple something.


According to Dictionary.com, ultraviolet light has wavelengths shorter than visible light but longer than Xrays. UV is the harmful bits in sunlight that cause sunburn, as well as the helpful part that forms vitamin D. It is not visible to the naked eye, except when it creates a chemical reaction that enables substances to glow or fluoresce, which is what the colour usually refers to.

Pantone describes ultraviolet as “a dramatically provocative and thoughtful purple shade, PANTONE 18-3838 Ultra Violet communicates originality, ingenuity, and visionary thinking that points us toward the future.” After a dramatic 2017, it is supposed to invoke introspection, which is something we desperately need.

Here are few suggestions to bring ultraviolet into your home this year.



The Decorista

In my book, you can never have enough velvet upholstery. Do I own any? No. Do I have 3 (adorable, lovely but ultimately disastrously messy) boys? Yes. So my velvet days will have to wait a bit longer. Unless someone wants to gift me a green deep-buttoned velvet sofa of course (see my comment on green above). If then you must have purple, then I suppose purple velvet is the way to go. I can’t fault this room, purple chair and all: the soft tones, the messy but curated shelf in the background, the totally delish shaggy rug, and the combination of dusty pink and ultraviolet works magic. My favourite things? The teal scatters that add a bit of cool to the warm colours and the touch of purple in the potplant. LOVE!


Hi Sugarplum via Doris Leslie Blau

A few scatters placed thoughtfully can elevate any room from blah to wow. Choose patterns that compliment your existing decor – I have a huge thing for flowers at the moment, so that’s where I’m headed. But the chances are that you’ll find ultraviolet in almost any pattern this year. This image is another testament¬†to the beautiful combination that is ultraviolet and teal. This built-in unit is just gorgeous, and with the bright pops in the carpet, painting and accessories, it creates a stylish room that doesn’t take itself too seriously. STUNNING.


Traditional Home

This is a bolder move, but when you can create a corner like this, then go for it! I have to admit; it was this image that inspired this post. I found it on Instagram and thought, WOW! Maybe purple is not so bad after all! But then again, I am a total sucker for toile, especially Chinoiserie toile which had something to do with my excitement! My toile-philia stems from my days at Laura Ashley I think. This wallpaper is Shengyou Toile Iris by Schumacher Fabric.


Here are a few more ideas for bringing ultraviolet home.

1. Make a (small) statement with some pretty vintage glass bottles.


2. Use a throw to add some colour to a plain bedroom

Fantastic Frank via Doris Leslie Blau

3. Paint the inside of a plain wardrobe – SUPRISE!¬†ūüíú

Claudia Pelizzari

4. Add colour with an informal pouffe or futon.

My Scandinavian Home

5. Paint the walls – isn’t the painted panelling in this pic JUST AMAZING??

Apartment Therapy

6. Have Your Cake And Eat It

Not completely ultraviolet, but this purple-and-white stripey cake is amazing and perfectly on trend! Click here for the recipe!

Happy Ultravioletūüíú Styling!


5 Ways with Faux Fur

Since the start of the Scandinavian trend we have seen fur being used in unexpected ways around the home. It adds warmth, texture and a sense of luxury to a space. I have bought a few meters of charcoal faux fur for next to nothing at my local fabric shop and it has served me well. Here are my top 5 ways with faux fur.


Floor pillows are great for occasional seating and give a relaxed feel to the room on the left. I love the placement of the top pillow slightly twisted and propped up against the other – it shows off the shape and texture of the pillows best.

The grey shaggy scatter cushion on the charcoal sofa on the right adds quirky texture to the setting. planete-deco elv-s


Fur gets used a lot in Scandinavian style bedrooms. But it does not have to be a large piece covering the entire bed: here it works great in black and white as a small piece at the end of the bed tying up the tones used in the rest of the bedroom decor. stilinspiration


Add texture to your floor with one of these lovely rugs. They come in all sorts of shapes and colours to suit your room. Just look at the lovely pink variation on the right! The shaggy grey rug on the left breaks up the tile pattern floor, providing a bit of a breather. zsazsabellagio sfgirlbybay


The dining room picture on the left with the Eames chairs covered with creamy shades is probably the most used application of fur in Scandinavian interiors. It has been with us for a while but I still love this unexpected combination and in this particular setting it works beautifully. If you want to go more dramatic try the black shaggy fur throw on the right over a low bench and echo it with black antlers. The composition in this picture is simply stunning: look how the item of clothing links the space between the bench and antlers! lookslikewhite dropdeadgorgeousdaily


Combine a fur throw on your sofa with different textured scatter cushions to play on texture. It’s a quick and simple addition that makes a great impression. The rule of working in threes or uneven numbers¬†are used here with the black frames, standing lamp and black scatter echoing each other in the space, creating a visual balance between the elements.¬†decocrush

Happy styling,


Decorate with dark wall colours: black, charcoal, green & blue

It takes confidence and the right space to decorate with dark wall colours. There are a few hard and fast rules when taking this bold step but the end result will be absolutely worth it.

I have found the most inspirational interiors illustrating a few very important points to remember when styling around a dark wall. Feast your eyes on black, charcoal, green en blue wonder walls.

Black is black

This brick wall looks beautiful in black. It allows the grooves of the bricks to become a texture and I think it would work really well if you have an ugly brick wall dilemma. The metallic lamp shades contrast against the wall and have a rustic element that complements the dining room table. The black is echoed again with the high back dining room chairs.

The rule is that dark paint shows up all the imperfections on your walls so if you’re after a solid smooth finish you will need to cover any bumps and cracks. The imperfections however are what make this black brick wall so beautiful. cotemaison ombiaombia



 Matt or gloss

¬†The pantry door frame on the left is painted in a gloss black and mimics the black subway tiles on the wall. It’s a beautiful way of reflecting light in a subtle way. The crisp white bathroom on the right has a classic¬†feel with the black and white theme. The beautiful floor pattern adds texture. countryphiles¬†dulux


I dream in black and white

It’s a well known fact that light colours add a feeling of space in a room and dark colours make it feel smaller. I am almost certain this theory should be tested more intensely as dark colours add depth to a space in my opinion which is also a way of adding space. The high volume ceilings in the bedroom left have a lovely black focal wall with a larger than life white print to break it up. It gives a majestic feel to the room. On the right is an uneven wall that has been painted black and the texture created is simply lovely. lizmarieblog¬†momolivingonline


Modern contrast

Black shows off most dramatically against crisp white. Decorate with items that have beautiful lines like these hanging lamps or the desk lamp in the home office on the right. The designer chairs also add swag. smartfurniture styleonv


Brush strokes

This paint technique is best achieved while using a cement-like paint. It leaves intentional brush strokes on the wall that adds stunning texture. Look at the dramatic black on the left and subtle grey on the right: the two create very different moods to the same room. zulily


Grey matters

Charcoal grey is a bit more subtle than black while still being very trendy in interiors. I love the worn leather and tones of grey scatters combined with distress wood on the left. The wall is broken up with a few black and white prints suspended from bull-clips on metal wire. The crisp white floating shelves on the right with black and white accessories and bold fonts add a graphic element. bloglovin myscandinavianhome


Retro pop

Shapely elements like retro furniture and even the bicycle in the picture on the right make the perfect accessories for a chic charcoal wall. I love the acid yellow colour pop of the retro sofa on the right. bloglovin marksandspencer


Go green

Pantone’s colour of the year 2013 was Emerald. Since then we have seen stunning focal walls emerging in interiors and they are still popping up everywhere. Look at the quirky setting left with the fun sofa and embroidered scatters: the white standing lamp is being etched¬†off against the green and extends the high gloss white floor. The jewel-toned sofa on the right adds a dash of color. The circular art on the wall is very fresh – try it!¬†79ideas¬†ochre



The fun green bedroom wall on the left was painted in broad stripes of matt and gloss paint, adding width to a narrow room. The collection of mirrors on the bathroom wall right shows off their shapes and is a great way to display a collection. sunainteriordesign abigailahern


Blue Monday

Dark blue walls need a clever colour treatment in its accessories. Combining it with fresh Delft-like crockery in blue and white works beautifully while adding a touch of light distressed wood adds texture. madabouthouse remodelista


Midnight blues

Add a midnight blue gallery wall to your home as a focal wall. Combine art in different sizes and frame styles contrasted with a shapely feature like this faux deer head. It plays with the negative spaces in between the objects and adds visual interest. The jewel tones of the still life with its beautiful deep blue wall has a bohemian feel. ikeadecora desiretoinspire


I sincerely hope you have found your favourite dark wall colour in between these inspirational images of black, charcoal, green and blue. Now go forth and create some drama!

Happy styling,


10 Tips: Styling with colour

Adding a splash of colour to your home can be a daunting task. It takes a lot of confidence to go all-out in styling with colour and a solid knowledge of how to introduce it with your current decor palette.

Well, fear no more! Here are my top 10 styling tips on how to add a pop of colour to your home with things you have around the house, and a few inspirational ideas.


Chairs are a good way to introduce color into a neutral scheme. Be bold and remember to echo the same color in other items in the room like the lemons in the kitchen left and the pink books on the bookshelf right. bloglovin domino


Flowers seems to be¬†obvious but have you considered combining them with some of your crockery to create a lovely display on a mantelpiece or table? Keep some crockery empty¬†and others just with one or two stems to stretch your flower spray even further. I have vowed to plant a cutting garden this year so that I’ll have flowers all year around. selinalake


Colours pop amazingly well against a neutral grey background like the picture on the left. Simply paint a few empty frames in a bright yellow and you have a focal point with lots of personality. The canvasses on the right were inspired by Pantone so why not paint your own? You really do not need to be a fine artist for this one. Simply create blocks on the canvas with painters tape and paint them in different tones of the same colour. Then add the names of the colours and voila! tumblr decoist


Storage boxes are readily available in retail stores and come in all fun shapes and sizes. Hexagonal floating shelves are still very trendy and look great in this colour palette left. The trick to styling these shelves is to be unpredictable. Add shapely items and plants to the inside and just one item on top like this alarm clock. The Washi-taped pictures add a personal touch. Remember to watch your negative spaces between the shelves as they need to be the same distance from each other to form a unit. The boxes on the right have a more informal feel because of the way they were stacked and I love that they have kept two of the them in raw wood. When it comes to styling in this image, less is definitely more! adairs mariemersier


I recently shot at a location where the home owner decorated her big bookshelves in the same vintage pink book covers. She buys books in bulk from second-hand book shops and joked that some of them are even in Russian. It really makes a lovely impression to have a uniform color scheme on an open shelf and combining it with fun book ends adds a quirky element. stylemepretty tumblr


I can never emphasize enough how important it is to work with vertical lines in an interior. There are many options apart from lights so I just had to show you the fun garland on the left in this adorable kids room. The more modern cage lights painted in bright colors on the right are simply gorgeous. See how in both these pictures the colors echo each other around the room? adairs nicolefa


The trilogy of similiar sized art above the sofa works well in this modern setting. The small side table on the left¬†has a longer artwork above it that I simply love. You don’t have to buy super expensive art if your budget doesn’t allow. Simply get going by painting a few crosses or downloading free printables from the internet. Mixing in some kids’ art adds a fun element too. casahaus


I love these crazy scatter cushions! All different shapes and sizes but the color palette works. Your space needs to tell your story and adding bespoke and sometimes bizarre elements just helps putting your stamp on it. Scatters are one of the most cost-effective ways to add color to your space. studiodiy


A fireplace tends to be the natural focal point in a room so why not give it even more oomph by either painting it in a contrasting color to the decor scheme or just painting the front sides of stumps in fun colors if you don’t want something so permanent? This is also a great way to add colour and utilize your fireplace in summer! uncovet¬†stylebyemilyhenderson


Brightly painted doors are all the rage at the moment. Just look at¬†this cheeky yellow garden shed¬†door with the pink Bougainvillea growing beside it. On the left, there is a lovely contrast between the sophisticated interior and the bright yellow doors. It’s the unexpected combination that works so well here. myscandinavianhome¬†bloglovin

Happy Styling,


8 styling tips with candles

In the spirit of load shedding I have found myself buying a lot of new candles and using them in interesting ways that needed to be shared.

Here are my top 8 tips and stylist tricks to make your candles truly come to life.

Modern monotone

With black & white and shades of grey being all the rage you want the style of your candle holders to reflect the mood. Try these cubic black and white candle holders with their geometric shape to add a sculptural element to a modern space.


bloglovin.com trendenser.se

Stylist cheat

Round off tea lights with a strip of washi tape or a piece of left over ribbon. Remember to display them in a small glass so that you don’t get wax dripping everywhere and it¬†also helps with reflecting more of the candle light. Perfect party decor!



Glass is good

When load shedding started I ran for a few empty glass containers and scrambled around the house for candles to place in them. Now after some time they have a rustic look with the wax drippings all along the sides. I love it as I am a firm believer that beauty is in the imperfections.

Use what you have around the house. Unused glass vases, cut glass tumblers and even old wine bottles with the labels removed to add a reflective element that candle light loves. You can then group them together as a center piece on a table or even add plants and single stem branches to make the grouping more interesting.

TIP: Remember to not stack different shaped glass containers in a soldier-like row but rather to scatter them, with some slightly overlapping others to make the arrangement work together in a friendlier way.


tumblr.com tonjeboganes.com bloglovin.com

Knock on wood

Combine candles with wooden disks to keep them together as a unit and catch runaway wax. I simply love the arrangement on the left using the same tone of wood in different ways. The legs of the wood, wooden disk and dipped candle holders echo each other beautifully.

The little tea lights on the right take on a more dramatic look against a dark textured wall and marble surface. It truly makes the copper pop!


fong.nl lejardindeclaire

Cool copper

So it’s no secret that I am a copper groupie. I hope I can convert you too with this gorgeous pipe candle holder that is just the right amount of industrial. For a quick fix you can spray paint any container – like these unused spray can caps – to create copper tea lights.

The pipe candle holder is so pretty, it needs to live on its own to come to its full right. Give it center stage on a coffee or side table and keep the rest of the styling super minimal (if at all).


homedit.com buzzfeed.com

The guild

To create a more rustic and romantic feel try using candle holders with a gilded metallic finish. Combined with soft pastel colors and succulents the mood is surely set for romance.

What works really nice here is the different textures of the gilded glasses with different heights.



Set in stone

Concrete molding is a huge trend that’s still going strong. Just look at these quirky candle holders cast from tins and plastic bottles. It’s a great ode to upcycling.

Use concrete elements like these in a sleek modern setting combined with strong black and white pattern and light wood furniture.

The plastic bottle shaped candles at the bottom right of the picture illustrate the styling principle of working in threes beautifully. The rule is to work in an uneven number of elements grouped together, with threes being the most effective. Display them on different heights using vintage books with the central candle being at the lowest level. Again two of the candle holders are slightly overlapping each other with the third moved to the side for ‘breathing space’ in the composition.


godegrunner pintakivaa diycandy.com

Prickly pairs

I think the barbed wire chandelier is¬†simply stunning. It’s a great way of incorporating upcycling and design. Just be sure to wear gloves when hanging up this rustic monster.

As much as soft light plays on the senses so does smell. Why not combine the two by scattering mason jars filled with water, rosemary and lemon and a floating candle. Simple but very effective as it also keeps the bugs at bay.



I hope these styling tips will put a more positive spin on our current load shedding situation and inspire you to embrace your inner stylist. There’s one in all of us!

Happy styling,


Styling ideas: botanical

Using botanical prints, seed packets and collections of plants add a lived-in feel to a space. Try these simple styling tricks in your home.

Layered walls

Combine botanical prints with magazine cut-outs and add them to a wall. It looks like wallpaper and adds depth and interest. Then place a distressed furniture item in front of it and add a collection of glass and ceramic vessels with a few of your favorite plants and succulents.


sfgirlbybay.com tumblr.com

String them up

Create a greenhouse effect by stringing up herbs and plants that look good when dried to a piece of string and secure them with pegs. Then add an indoor potting table to display a collection of cuttings and plants. This will work very well in a sun room. You could also string up seed packets or prints like bunting or simply suspend a few fern leaves as a backdrop at a dinner party.


tumblr.com designlovefest.com

Stack it up

Try this impressive and graphic collection of wooden boxes stacked up to display your collection of plants in beautiful vases and pots. Paint some of the backs of the boxes in a muted color like this grey to tie it all together. Leave some of the pots empty and incorporate geometric-shaped items and books to add interest and texture.




Display black and white botanical prints in different frames to achieve this eclectic look on the right. If you like it more distressed opt for suspending a glass vase with a single leaf as the ‘picture’. It’s an unexpected twist that is sure to attract a lot of attention. The bottom picture shows another way of framing botanicals by using industrial windows to showcase a lush garden.


remodelista.com flickr.com vtwonen.nl


Combine lovely ceramic items like these hands with succulent plants, feathers and black and white photos to create a still life in a corner of the home. It’s structural and graphic with a lot of impact. Alternatively you could use wooden artist figures available from your local craft store.

Hanging plants are still all the range and grouped together they make a lovely collection. Have a look at the wide range of plants available from Opus. They specialize in hanging gardens, flowers and plant related designs.



Happy styling,