8 tips for decorating small rooms

It can be a daunting task to decorate a small space while remaining airy with all the functions you still want it to fulfil. We have found these eight tips for decorating small rooms to be very handy and in most cases, bullet proof!

#1 Height and width

Use gloss or metallic stripes either horizontally to create the illusion of width or vertical ones to create the illusion of height in a small space.


flickr shelterness

#2 Old perceptions

Instead of painting your room all white as the old rule goes for small spaces, rather paint one wall dark to give it depth. This really works, tried and tested! They are called receding walls for a reason.



#3 Pure colour

Use bright colour tones instead of muted ones when choosing a colour palette. It not only adds a contemporary twist but does wonders for a small space by injecting energy. Try a bright tone on the inside of bookshelves or even window sills.


sfgirlbybay woonblog

#4 Scale

The most important thing to remember is to have your furniture scaled correctly for the room. Having oversized furniture will only add to your space dilemma.



#5 Reflections

Add reflective and transparent décor accents to the room rather than solid, bulky ones to give an airy feel and sense of luxury. These include mirrors or mirror-clad furniture, glass vases and transparent pieces like a ghost chair.


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#6 Be open

Adding open shelving also creates a sense of depth and works wonders in a small space. Remember not to clutter up the shelves with trinkets but rather display your most beautiful items and keep it organized.


thebudgetdecorator remodelista

#7 Accessories

Echo pattern and colour pops for a cohesive feel in a small space, making the room come together as a whole.


bhg petitandsmall

#8 Work it

Buy multifunctional furniture, like loft bed that has desk space at the bottom. This will save floor space by combining two pieces in one.


stylecaster abouthome

I hope you found this post inspiring and that you will be brave enough to incorporate some of these ideas in your own home!

Happy styling,


10 Tips: Styling with colour

Adding a splash of colour to your home can be a daunting task. It takes a lot of confidence to go all-out in styling with colour and a solid knowledge of how to introduce it with your current decor palette.

Well, fear no more! Here are my top 10 styling tips on how to add a pop of colour to your home with things you have around the house, and a few inspirational ideas.


Chairs are a good way to introduce color into a neutral scheme. Be bold and remember to echo the same color in other items in the room like the lemons in the kitchen left and the pink books on the bookshelf right. bloglovin domino


Flowers seems to be¬†obvious but have you considered combining them with some of your crockery to create a lovely display on a mantelpiece or table? Keep some crockery empty¬†and others just with one or two stems to stretch your flower spray even further. I have vowed to plant a cutting garden this year so that I’ll have flowers all year around. selinalake


Colours pop amazingly well against a neutral grey background like the picture on the left. Simply paint a few empty frames in a bright yellow and you have a focal point with lots of personality. The canvasses on the right were inspired by Pantone so why not paint your own? You really do not need to be a fine artist for this one. Simply create blocks on the canvas with painters tape and paint them in different tones of the same colour. Then add the names of the colours and voila! tumblr decoist


Storage boxes are readily available in retail stores and come in all fun shapes and sizes. Hexagonal floating shelves are still very trendy and look great in this colour palette left. The trick to styling these shelves is to be unpredictable. Add shapely items and plants to the inside and just one item on top like this alarm clock. The Washi-taped pictures add a personal touch. Remember to watch your negative spaces between the shelves as they need to be the same distance from each other to form a unit. The boxes on the right have a more informal feel because of the way they were stacked and I love that they have kept two of the them in raw wood. When it comes to styling in this image, less is definitely more! adairs mariemersier


I recently shot at a location where the home owner decorated her big bookshelves in the same vintage pink book covers. She buys books in bulk from second-hand book shops and joked that some of them are even in Russian. It really makes a lovely impression to have a uniform color scheme on an open shelf and combining it with fun book ends adds a quirky element. stylemepretty tumblr


I can never emphasize enough how important it is to work with vertical lines in an interior. There are many options apart from lights so I just had to show you the fun garland on the left in this adorable kids room. The more modern cage lights painted in bright colors on the right are simply gorgeous. See how in both these pictures the colors echo each other around the room? adairs nicolefa


The trilogy of similiar sized art above the sofa works well in this modern setting. The small side table on the left¬†has a longer artwork above it that I simply love. You don’t have to buy super expensive art if your budget doesn’t allow. Simply get going by painting a few crosses or downloading free printables from the internet. Mixing in some kids’ art adds a fun element too. casahaus


I love these crazy scatter cushions! All different shapes and sizes but the color palette works. Your space needs to tell your story and adding bespoke and sometimes bizarre elements just helps putting your stamp on it. Scatters are one of the most cost-effective ways to add color to your space. studiodiy


A fireplace tends to be the natural focal point in a room so why not give it even more oomph by either painting it in a contrasting color to the decor scheme or just painting the front sides of stumps in fun colors if you don’t want something so permanent? This is also a great way to add colour and utilize your fireplace in summer! uncovet¬†stylebyemilyhenderson


Brightly painted doors are all the rage at the moment. Just look at¬†this cheeky yellow garden shed¬†door with the pink Bougainvillea growing beside it. On the left, there is a lovely contrast between the sophisticated interior and the bright yellow doors. It’s the unexpected combination that works so well here. myscandinavianhome¬†bloglovin

Happy Styling,