Trend alert: Ten fresh bathroom trends

The bathroom is a sacred space and for me provides the only hour of solitude during the day. There is nothing as healing as taking a bath with essential oils and soaking away with your own thoughts.

I have found ten very exciting new bathroom trends including a few that have been with us for a while and are so popular that they might just stick around a little longer.

Trend #1 – Patterned floors

Patterned floor tiles in Moroccan designs gives the space texture without being too busy. This bathroom’s structural elements are outlined with the use of black and creates a lovely regal look.


Trend #2 – Textured tiles

Matt white textured tiles are now seen in all the hippest bathrooms. It shows off its shape subtly with only the light playing on the textures.


Trend #3 – Geometric tiles

This 3D geometric tile gives the bathroom a sophisticated feel and a dash of masculinity.


Trend #4 – Industrial lighting

This trend made its way from the dining room to the bathroom and look at the dramatic effect it creates combined with wood and shaped mirrors.


Trend #5 – Barn doors

Sliding doors are a great space saver for a bathroom. Barn doors add a bold, natural statement to the space which I absolutely love.


Trend #6 – Plants

The vertical garden is still big and even more so in the bathroom. It can be costly to get it installed with the correct watering system but has a wow factor that’s hard to beat.

Alternatively you can create a still life using a few distressed ladders and plants that love a moist environment.


Trend #7 – Stone walls

Stone tiles or cladding are all the rage in bathrooms right now. Play with natural (or natural looking) elements.


Trend #8 – Ceramic wood tiles

This bathroom is clad with ceramic tiles that resemble wood to give it a lovely textured and natural feel.


Trend #9 – Subway tiles with dark grout

Subway tiles are etched off to emphasize their shape by using dark grout instead of the usual white. I love the industrial elements in this bathroom contrasted with the wooden floor.


Trend #10 – Black, white and blue

Bathrooms have taken on a more serious colour palette like this one in black, white and blue giving it a masculine feel.


Keep an eye out for our bathroom make-over incorporating some of these trends on a shoestring budget!

Happy styling,

margaux 200px

Gentle giant: The Delicious Monster

The giant leaf of the Delicious Monster plant is making its debut on everything from scatter cushions to furniture design.


  1. Give the monster a home in your house and combine it with a lovely retro side table like this one.
  1. Use as a single stem in an oversized vase to make an impression. carolinemclagan
  1. The Monstera Lounge Chair designed by Philip Ahlstrom. 

4.  Look at the lovely shape the leaves make as a lamp shade.

5.  Fabric design prints inspired by the leaf.

6.  A cost effective way to incorporate the trend is to incorporate this scatter cushion with your current décor – if              the color scheme and style allows.

Things you didn’t know about the plant and what it’s used for

The aerial roots have been used as ropes in Peru, and to make baskets in Mexico. In Mexico, a leaf or root infusion is drunk daily to relieve arthritis. In Martinique the root is used to make a remedy for snakebite. Source:

PS: Yes, you guessted it! The lovely Germarie is showing off her Delicious Monster leaf from her garden in the feature image. This was taken behind the scenes while we were shooting our DIY & Styling e-book.

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