30 Minute Make-Over: Window Box

Here’s a super easy, quick and cost-effective little tutorial for a Mother’s Day gift: a window flower box made out of a broken palette. A great project to do with your kids!

IMG_8692 (700x467) - watermarked

You’ll need a broken palette (get one from your local hardware store or Agri / Co-Op if you live in the country -they throw them away!), some paint and a few plants.

IMG_8694 (700x467) - watermarked

First, remove the one end, keeping the top and bottom plank as well as the support blocks intact

IMG_8695 (700x467) - watermarked

Next, remove the central support block only. If your palette was put together by a hammer-happy individual, this might be the most difficult thing you do all day. I first tried to remove the 6 nails holding it in place and then ended up hammering through them by driving a flat screw driver between the plank and support block {much easier than option 1!}.

IMG_8698 (700x467) - watermarked

Fix 2 more planks above the original 2 to completely cover the support blocks. If you have any old nails that you just cannot remove {prime example above}, just flatten them into the wood. Then add a 5th plank to the bottom, making sure that there are gaps so that water can drain out.

IMG_8701 (700x467) - watermarked

I used my favourite Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Old White, because it requires no prep and will weather nicely to a vintage finish. Shop your chalk paint online here!

collage - watermarked

I screw-fixed the planter to the wall as well as supported it underneath with 2 L-brackets.

IMG_8722 (700x467) - watermarked

I kept the plants in the pots so that I can replace them easily without having to unscrew the box. And it looks just adorable!