tea is NOT only for girls.

It’s no secret: I LOVE TEA. I collect tea cups and pots and love to treat myself with a quiet cup, especially on a Sunday morning. My eldest is now old enough to have caught on to mommy’s little obsession, so today I decided to involve my kids in a junior tea ceremony – and they loved it. It is also a great tool for role-playing – and a wonderful idea for an indoor picnic!Jean not only poured tea for everyone, but he also insisted to serve the tea and the cookies on the little tray that comes with the set. He even shared with his brother! And he promptly smacked his lips after every sip. As is only fitting when it comes to a cup of good {imaginary} tea.

However, some of the guests were more into the cookies than the tea…

The pretty little tea set is from Mr Price Home kids. It was so adorable, I couldn’t resist when I saw it. It serves 4 and comes in a matching cardboard suitcase – perfect for picnics!

We drank tea till the cows came home {who then promptly joined us for a cookie as well!}

*Note: since this initiation into the joys of tea-drinking 4 hours prior to this post, we’ve had tea twice more and then it was insisted upon for bedtime. Oh my goodness, I have created a monster!

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  1. Teespeel is so vir seuns! My eertydse blikstelletjie word opgespeel, blommetjies skinkbordlappie en al. Niemand mag kroek nie, daar word mooi gekyk tot mamma die laaste druppel in haar koppie gedrink het… en dan moet sy regstaan vir haar tweede natuurlik. Ons het so lekker gespeel die anderdag, ek het self so meegevoer geraak en die kleikoekies (op die plastiek skinkbordjie!) in die oond vergeet… ons moes eenvoudig die oond ook aanskakel en nie net die waaierknop nie! Baie interessante eksperiment gewees, mooi gerys die kleikoekies, die skinkbord was net erg verlep!

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