Budget Laundry Make-Over

I really enjoy make-overs and this one was no exception.

And I must admit, I am thrilled with the result! As a reminder, here is my laundry before I got working on it.

It really is a small alcove, measuring 75cm wide by 100cm deep. It had some basic shelves (that weren’t completely installed) and that’s about it.


  1. Tension Rod (for curtain)  R79
  2. Paint                                  R55
  3. Plastic Container               R155
  4. Curtain                              R280
  5. Hooks                               R30
  6. Polka Dot Basket              R99
  7. Cleaning Caddy                R69
  8. Small Rug                         R100
  9. Graphic Gift Wrap            R10
  10. New Frames                     R30

 Total:                                     R959

hang on

I bought the little hooks because I liked the shape of it,¬† but didn’t care for the pattern. A bit of wrapping paper, cut-out letters and some Modge Podge transformed it into something I love.


The peg bag I made from a canvass shopper that my sister recently brought back for me from Primark in the UK. I tried my best to stick to the font when I embroidered “pegs” onto it, but I do still need a bit of practice! One of my kids’ baby hangers came in quite handy here. I loved the fabric and the colours work well with every else I have in the space.

multi storage

Baskets and things are of course the main thing you need in a space like this. I bought the polka dot one to hold the iron and extension cords and the caddy is for all the cleaning materials. The enamel tub is a hand-me-down from my mom and works great for holding folded laundry. The big tub at the top holds all the patio cushions – perfectly out of the way!

pretty details

For a bit of fun, I got these great vintage Omo posters off the internet and framed them in cheap frames that I bought at a flea-market last year. Amazingly, my main electrical board is also in this small area! I painted an old picture frame of¬† which the glass broke ages ago and then put some of the graphic wrapping paper in with cutout lettering. If someone needs to access the board, they can just take off the picture – it’s really light-weight! The curtain rod that is fixed to the top shelf is great for hanging ironing on – the brackets are from Ikea but you can get similar ones from Game. The rod is an old piece of pipe that I spray-painted black. The little “Bits” drawer on top of the machine is an old wooden cutlery tray that used to hold all kinds of nonsense in our store room. I re-purposed it for all the little things that end up being needed around a laundry room: adapter plugs, back door keys, missing buttons and single socks. You know, bits. And again modge podge and cutout letters did the trick.

closed for the night

The pretty curtain hides away everything when it’s closed – perfect for when the laundry isn’t up to date!

      mini laundry

So that’s my new laundry nook! The next 1K Creative Challenge will be in February – watch this space!

Happy Laundry Day!


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  1. Awesome work! Would be nice to see the before and after with curtain closed to “experience” the full effect.

  2. Amazing, congratulations with you superb effort, thanks for all the wonderful ideas. Worthwhile forwarding your Playing House to all my contacts.

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