the last place.

I am not at all embarrassed to admit that I am one of those people who can never find my keys. I am generally quite organized, but when you walk through the doors with 2 toddlers, a nappy bag, 4 bottles of milk and need to prevent the dogs from escaping, where the keys land up are just not the first priority.

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So every time I need to leave the house, an epic search ensues that usually ends up with the keys being found in the last place you’d look, like the shopping bag that’s by now in the bin. That statement has always confused me though: of course it’s in the last place. It’s not like you’ll keep searching somewhere else once you’ve found it in the second last place, is it?

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While this ritual game of “let’s look for Mommy’s keys and glasses” can be entertaining, it’s also exhausting and continually causes said Mommy to be late. Which she hates.

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And that’s how I came with the idea for the last place. Now I can just go there first and get it over and done with. I have inherited about 12 of these little wooden boxes of unknown origin {prepare to see a lot more of them in coming weeks!}. A few brass hooks and some sticky letters and I’m good to go. On time!

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