The Trusty Outdoor Storage Bench DIY


When it comes to storage, sometimes we all need a little interior help. Whether it’s kids paraphernalia or patio accessories, at one point they all need somewhere to stay organised and out of sight. So, when LivingSpace asked us to create projects for their January edition, we dove straight into a solution for outside! Use this outdoor storage bench building plan to make clutter disappear, and add superb seating too. Read on for a great weekend project to tackle before the end of the summer!

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Here’s what you need for an Outdoor Wooden Storage Bench

Difficulty: intermediate

Time: 6 – 8 hrs (with drying time)

For the frame

  • 4x 32mmx32mmx450mm pine batten
  • 8x 32mmx32mmx375mm pine batten
  • 4x 32mmx32mmx1700mm pine batten
  • 4x50mm wood screws
  • 8x 6x50mm nail-in anchors

For the cladding

  • 8x 94mmx19mmx450mm pine PAR
  • 4x 94mmx19mmx1800mm pine PAR
  • 4x40mm wood screws

For the Lid

  • 2x 32mmx32mmx1695mm pine batten
  • 4x 32mmx32mmx315mm pine batten
  • 4x 94mmx19mmx1800mm pine PAR
  • 4x40mm wood screws
  • 3x 50mm hinges
  • Outdoor wood varnish or paint to finish the project.


outdoor storage bench building plans


Assemble the frame as per the diagram above. Remember to drill pilot holes to prevent the wood from cracking!


Position the outdoor wooden storage bench against the wall where it is going to be installed. Use a 4mm drill bit to pilot holes 5cm from both the top and bottom of the four back uprights. Gently tap a nail into each hole to mark the position against the wall. Then remove the bench and drill the eight holes into the wall using a 6mm masonry bit.


Place the plugs into the holes in the wall, and then fix the bench to the wall by nailing the anchors through the wood into the plugged holes at the back. The bench should now be securely fitted.


Clad the front and sides of the bench with the pine slats. Start with the bottom slat on the front, and then add the slats on the sides making sure that they line up. Ensure that you get the subsequent rows straight by using a slat turned on its side as a guide.


Assemble the frame of the lid as shown. Then fit the lid to the base frame with the hinges. Then add the four slats to form the seat, again using a slat turned on its side as a guide.


Finish with two coats of outdoor varnish or paint. Allow drying time between coats and lightly sand before applying the second coat to ensure the best result.


That’s it! Now you can place outdoor cushions on the bench, get ambient lights, lie down and relax! Or, start making your floating drink holders for later!

Happy making!

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