TREND# 5: Geometrics

Geometric patterns are still here to adorn our homes this year and this year they are still going strong. A geometric pattern is made up of geometric shapes – shapes which have sharp, clean edges and are typically symmetrical – which repeat in a predictable manner. By that definition then, the amount of possible patterns are truly innumerable! Here are some other geo’s to inspire.

Stick it UP.

well spotted

live loud girl

Get some stickers and start sticking! Simple monochrome triangles and dots make an original pattern against these bedroom walls.

Throw it Around.


mrp home & best friends for frosting

Adding accessories is always the easiest and most cost effective way to add a trend to your home. And if you are really inspired, make an installation over a staircase!

Bold Colour.

diamonds & clowns

eenigwonen & desire to inspire

Diamonds and triangles make striking geo patterns when used in pairs or in patterns of solid colour. Choose your favourite colours, mask of the patterns and then start painting.

Up & Down.

floor to ceiling

inspired by charm & apartment therapy

Ceilings and floors are often overlooked when it comes to patterned finishes. They are very big surfaces with lots of potential! Stencil a pattern on the floor to liven up an all-white space, or install a wallpaper in a nursery for baby to have something to look at.

Out of the BOX.


etsy & handmade charlotte

And while technically NOT geometric, having random triangles and solid lines on walls clearly also work. So if strict geometry is not your style, opt for your unique interpretation.

The New Zig-Zag.

herrings & pyramids

royal design studio stencils &

I LOVE herringbone patterns, especially this one on the left for its deliberate omissions and use of summer colours – it looks like holiday! The triangle-stamped wall on the right cleverly mimics the herringbone one-up-one-down arrangement to create a vibrant pattern.

Hang it.

high light

design is this & design milk

The amount of geometric-inspired lights currently available is huge so you are sure to find a pendant to fit your budget and decor. They make strong centerpieces in a room – just remember to install a pretty lamp inside them as well!

The Little Things.

in the details & the bump

Small details are great for adding a quirky touch – paint geo patterns on your sofa’s legs or add tape in a geo-pattern to a ceiling fan. Although possibly NOT chevron patterns – Chevron is sooo last year!

Happy Geometry!


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