Trends 2017: The resurrection of ancient terracotta


Terracotta or baked earth (clay) is one of those things that we fall in and out of love with as time goes by. When I was a child, terracotta floor tiles were all the rage, but for the last 10 years my mom loathed her once-fashionable floor coverings. I am hoping you’re reading this Mom, because you can start to love them again!

Terracotta is one of the oldest building and decorative materials known to man. Clay was fashioned into cooking, water vessels and artifacts before being fired to make it super durable. Now, this orange-brown material is back with a contemporary twist, ticking the trending natural box.

Use the earthy colour to add warmth to a space or to add a beautiful, natural texture to walls, floors or objects.


Petrol and Porcelain

Terracotta accents add beautiful depth and earthiness to the lighter pinkish hues and metallics that we’ve been seeing last year. So you can easily ground your pink and copper interior with touches of terracotta.


Schoener Wonen

Traditional terracotta floor tiles also come in a variety of shapes, like this hexagonal tile. Perfect for high traffic areas like kitchens, patios, entrance halls and passage ways.


Decor Pad

Even lighting is getting the clay-treatment, whether as a powder-coated metallic or actual clay pendants.







And don’t dismiss the humble terracotta pot! Make a beautiful display of different-sized pots and plants for an impressive green wall.


EU Ama Fotografia

And these little beauties will add gorgeous colour and texture to any console or coffee table.


Living Things

Here’s a bit of terracotta retail therapy!

target terracotta shopping page

  1. Planter 10″ White
  2. Cereal Bowl White Stripe – Threshold™
  3. Surya TABLE LAMP
  4. Glass Jar Candle – Honeyed Tobacco Leaf (8 oz) – Vineyard Hill Naturals by Paddywax
  5. Macrame Throw Pillow – Threshold™
  6. Singular Arm Chair Terracotta – Zuo
  7. Striped Fabric Bin Small Coral – Pillowfort™
  8. Bracegirdle Patio Rug – Beige / Terracotta – Safavieh

All products from Target – they ship directly to South Africa! For some more amazing products and ideas, visit the this beautiful Terracotta Design page.

In our next 2017 Trend post, we’re going to be looking at how to easily bring blue and yellow into your interior with a brave DIY.

Happy Decorating!

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