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I often get requests from readers that they want to see what my home looks like, so today I would like to invite you into the nursery! My house has been featured a lot here on the blog as well as in the book, but to be honest it’s such a dynamic space that it doesn’t look the same for very long. The nursery used to be my eldest boy’s room, but now that the 4-year old and 6-year old are bunking I could convert that into their little brother’s nursery.

I wanted to keep things very simple, clean and light and had recently fallen in love with this very trendy minty green. So once I had that in mind, I had mint coming at me from every angle and had to stop myself from wanting to buy it all! I repurposed the curtains from a previous project, and found this very sweet little scatter from Mr Price Home and the super soft coral fleece blanket from Clicks. Perfect for winter nights!

home tour nursery

home tour nursery

You’ll notice that there isn’t a nursing chair in this room, and it’s only because from experience I knew that I’d be spending most of nights here for a few months at least. So vintage steel frame single bed from my hubby’s mom’s house it is: very comfortable and cozy, plus I can at least stretch out for some sleep should the moment present itself.

home tour nursery

The cot is a family heirloom. It was made by my grandfather in 1944, the year my dad was born. After him, his 3 brothers used it, then my 3 sisters and I. After that 2 of my nephews used it and now it’s been with me since my eldest was born 6 years ago. Quite a bit of history! My dad made the 2 little chairs as well – perfect for 2 curious little boys wanting to see what’s happening when Mommy bathes or changes their brother!

home tour nursery

I’ve never completely understood the use of a purpose-made changing table. This chest of drawers has a simple wooden tray on top – another piece of my dad’s handiwork – that fits the changing mat perfectly. Plenty of drawers also provide more than enough space for all baby’s goodies.

home tour nursery


I’m very proud of this little shelving unit. It was one of the last DIY projects that I did before Luc was born, and I absolutely adore it. Pine shelving, some ski rope and a copper pipe with brackets – that’s it!

home tour nursery

The wardrobes are the result of a paint project that I did last year – click here for the tutorial.  I think this was where the mint craze started! I was really amazed at how some paint and masking tape can completely transform a dull surface and let’s be honest, what is more boring than white melamine? And of course, no nursery is complete without a rocking horse!

nursery 11

These hooks from Mr Price Home are installed on the side of the wardrobe and are perfect for hanging towels and things after baby’s bath. And when he is older, it will be great for hanging bathrobes and back packs!

Hope you’ve enjoyed this peak into our home! I look forward to sharing some more rooms with you – please tell me in the comments which room you’d like to see next!

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  1. Love the whole feel of the room. It exudes peace and tranquillity. Would love to see more of what we can do spruce up melamine cupboards.

  2. Love what you did to the melamine cupboard doors, gives me some ideas for the dreariness in our bedrooms. Speaking of which, would love to see what you did to your boudoir.

    1. Thanks Esme – melamine is such a great surface to do something with but is often overlooked. Will definitely do a post on the boudoir soon! X

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