What to Washi?

So I am totally in love with Washi tape: the patterns and colours appeal to my {aspirational} wild side. But after I found my collection of 3 rolls again at the bottom of my ribbon box, I realized that, besides wrapping presents, I actually have no idea what to Washi! Here’s what other people are doing with their Washi tape.


Wow, this is so amazing! Monster truck Washi cross-stitch by Crab+Fish.


Love it! A whole Washi-city, ready to be invaded by toddlers everywhere! By Charlotte’s Fancy.


These are  2 very cute playroom ideas from Nolo Magazine.


Gorgeous washi tape bookmarks – this really is the simplest way to make something from nothing. By Tambouille


Oh my goodness, this is just too cute! By Su Wolf on Hello Pretty.


These could be especially useful if you have little picky eaters who are not specifically interested in the fruit bowl. By Bento Zen.

washi tape pencils 1

Great way to mark those ever disappearing pencils. By Apple Jane.


Perfect for little party favours or just to keep notes and things tidy. By Artsyville.


This is a very sweet little mural by Nina in Vorm via Apartment Therapy.


This is taking it to a whole new level: the Washi desk. Easier than painting and certainly less permanent too! By Elisa Blaha.


And this is definitely my favourite: An amazing Washi photo tree via Heart Handmade UK.

Inspired, anyone?

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    1. Hi Tina,
      I have very bumpy walls (my house is more than 100 years old clay brick) and have used wall stickers with great success – see my post on the bathroom make-over . So pretty sure washi tape will work well too. Please send me a picture of your project so that I can feature it!

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