Winter Herb Garden

With the colder weather settling in, the things that we can do in the garden are getting less and less. Now is the time to move plants around though, so I thought it the perfect opportunity to transplant my herb garden.

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I made a small herb & veggie garden with my kids at the top of the garden a couple of years ago, but because it is not right by the kitchen, I tended not to really use it that much.

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I had this very dull, boring and extremely uninspiring space in my utility yard, right next to the kitchen back door. Horrible pipes, weeds and sand completed the sad picture. It was by far the most neglected space in my entire garden, so I decided it’s the perfect space for some much needed attention.

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And this is the result of about 4 hours of work! I covered half of the space with river stones (living on a farm, I do have some interesting natural resources!) and planted the other half with rosemary, chilli, lavender and oregano. Oregano is a wonderful creeper so I only needed to lift the shallow roots and place them onto fresh soil in their new home. A little bit of wood-chip mulch from the local saw mill finishes things of nicely.

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The ancient wheelbarrow is finally coming into its own as a planter – it is so full of holes that it works perfectly. The basil, parsley and chives were already settled in their pots in the older version of the garden so I just put the pots in the wheelbarrow without transplanting them.

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The screen has to be my favourite addition to the area: it provides a lovely back drop to the space and also covers the horrible pipes.

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Here is my list of herbs – it’s so fresh and pretty right outside the back door that they inspire me to greatness when I cook!

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And it’s not only a great play area for the kids – it’s also a great learning tool for teaching them about different tastes and flavours. Except for the chillies of course!

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