Wonderful wood

If like me you grew up with the fairytale Pinocchio you probably also have a fascination with wood. It’s a beautiful living element in the home that also creates a sense of warmth. Especially if left raw so that the true beauty of the medium – its grain – shows.  Herewith ten ways of incorporating wood into your home. I hope it inspires!

1.  Spool coffee table


Create a conversation piece by using a reclaimed spool as a coffee table. Clever and practical. www.brightbazaarblog.com

2.  Headboard made of wooden planks


With wood clad walls being all the rage right now, why not start by making this inexpensive headboard. Simply secure a few planks to the wall above the bed and paint an inspiring word on it. I love the echo of the yellow word and the scatter cushion. bazavan.ro

3.  Mirror, mirror on the floor


Give an over sized mirror a rough raw wooden frame and place it slanted against the wall in a low traffic area. Always make sure that the mirror reflects a pretty scene and see how it opens up the room. livingho.me

 4.  Focus wall


This beautiful wood-clad wall has a bit more of a shabby chic feel with the introduction of color on some of the planks. If you are not comfortable with salvaged wood then opt for wallpaper instead. thedesignvote.com

5.   Side table on wheels


I love the fact that the bark was left on this stump to add texture to the side table. It was given a modern twist by adding castor wheels and makes it easy to move around to where needed. blog.justinablakeney.com

6.  Power slide


Salvage old barnyard doors from a reclaim outlet and add it to a rail to transform it into a stunning bathroom sliding door. Sliding doors takes up much less space than the usual variety and truly makes a great architectural impression. imgur.com

7.  Flat or stacked


Stack wood nicely in a open shelf to add texture to a space. Here it’s interesting that the wood cladding was extended to the floor planks to create a seamless effect. The grey washed color is gentle on the eye. lightlocations.com

8.  Kitchen cupboards


These kitchen cupboards with their raw textured facades contrasts beautifully with the sleek stainless steel used in the kitchen. It gives the kitchen the warmth it needs to be inviting instead of sterile. www.cococozy.com

 9.   Shelf life


Open raw-wood shelving creates the perfect graphic element with the use of eclectic items like the industrial light and retro black and white chairs. This would work great as a room divider in an open space. Just remember to put your prettiest objects on display and not let it get cluttered with family paraphernalia. tumblr.com

10.  Coffee in bed


Wooden disks are readily available at nurseries and are very inexpensive. Why not use it as a breakfast tray? It also makes a lovely base for a center piece on a dining room table and of course as stepping stones in the garden. remainsimple.tumblr.com


Objects of desire

Surf the net to see what beautiful wooden items are available. Here is four of mine.

1.  I love hooks and believe one can never have enough hanging space in the home. The wood grain on the timber has a lovely texture. www.welke.nl

  1. The wooden cup is simply to die for and I would put in on display rather than serve coffee to my friends in it. It’s just too pretty! lemanoosh.com
  1. This hanger would be perfect on a wall displaying one of your favorite items of vintage clothing. www.flickr.com
  1. The wooden faceted door handles are perfect to give an old dresser a new look. Especially a plain white one as they will show off nicely against it. www.manmadediy.com
 Happy Styling!

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  1. Love, love love it!!! There is something so timeless and so beautiful about wood!!
    Thank you for sharing and so glad I discovered Homeology! How boring would life be without it!!

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