Decorating with books

I use books in almost all my shoots as a styling element. Stacked vintage books with worn covers with a tea cup on top or just an open one on a beautiful piece of furniture adds a lived-in feeling to a photograph.

In our homes, books can also be used as a decorative element if displayed correctly. A wall of colour coded books can add color blocking that complements your color palette.

I have found simple and very clever ways of playing with books.

I simply love the scatter on the left. Perfect for the bedroom and the detailed wallpaper on the right with layered pages of books and floral cut outs.

Books_1 Bellahem

Why not turn your fireplace into a magazine and book storage space in summer?


The cupboard on the left was given a facelift with a new layer of paint and is now used as a bookcase instead of the traditional display cabinet. The lamp base on the right is made up of a stack of vintage books as a quirky twist.


My absolute favorite DIY in this post is the vice grip on the left. It’s simple and graphic with lots of personality. Let the hunt for one of these begin! The salvaged reel on the right has been transformed into a coffee table on wheels with dowels sectioning off the spaces between books.


The tree like bookcase on the left will make a striking feature wall and the turquoise vertical shelf will work beautifully in a small space.



Bring on the color blocking!

Books_3 paperblog

This pigeon hole wall of books adds visual interest to the shabby chic interior.


Printed books wallpaper is just another way of celebrating the written word.


For the more industrial revolutionists amongst us – what about a pipe bookshelf? Have a look at the bookshelf DIY Germarie did a while ago.


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