10 ways to decorate with colour

Most of us are a little nervous when it comes to colour.

Except when you live in Durban that is! I have done a few shoots in this beautiful city in my career and have been blown away by the bold use of colour in their interiors. Truly refreshing.

I have found 10 easy ways to introduce colour in your home. Be bold, be brave and play a little! After all, it’s almost Spring!

1. Put your favorite crockery pieces on display

Mix and match old and new crockery pieces in open shelves to create a playful display – they are too pretty to be hidden in a cupboard anyway.


Jelanieshop.com decor8blog.com

2. Painted furniture

Paint old chairs in bright happy colours and see how they come to life!



3. Create a gallery wall

Group some of your favorite art works (including the kids’ drawings) to create a gallery wall. Remember to consider your lighting carefully. You could even play with one or two colorful frames added to the mix to add some visual interest.


entirelyeventfulday.com ohjoyblogs.com

4. Bright frames

I really like the yellow and grey trend at the moment. Why not buy or salvage old vintage frames and give them a loving coat of bright yellow and grey paint? It’s a cheap way of introducing color.


brittanymakes.com Etsy.com

5. Wallpaper

Wallpaper is not readily available and as cheap as chips (or almost). Let your walls bloom with a fresh wallpaper sporting yellow blooms.


countryliving.com theperfectpalette.com

6. Retro revival

Look for beautifully shaped furniture pieces and update them with either paint or simply by reupholstering the pillows. Combined with the right art work you have a sophisticated setting with a quirky retro twist.



7. Bright accessories

If you need to ease into the color thing – why not use colour in accessories surrounded by a crisp white canvas? This way you can always change it if you get overwhelmed or want to update according to the season.



8. Festive lanterns

Not only reserved for parties, try these playful lanterns available from your local Chinese shop as a focus point above a dining room table. Here the ‘power in numbers’ rule apply: group a few of them together to make a confident colour statement.


anthologymag.com pinimg.com

9. Colour underfoot 

A rug can anchor a setting and you will be surprised at the difference it makes to a interior. It adds another layer and can be the perfect colourful accessory to a setting that needs a little something. Look out for modern and geometrical patterns as they are simply gorgeous.


lonny.com stylyze.com

10. Scatters and blooms

It’s a well known fact that scatters and blooms are one of the least expensive items you can use to make a big difference in a room without breaking the bank.


brightbazaarblog.com twolivecolorfully.com

Happy styling,

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