Decorating Small: 10 little rooms for little kids

Decorating small rooms for little kids is such a fun subject to explore! If there is any room in the house that needs all the storage that you can find but can get away with a lot of fun elements, it’s the kids’ room. Many homes don’t have the luxury of children having a room for themselves. I know of families who opt to have kids cohabit, even though they do have the space. And I can certainly see the merit in that: my own boys rarely spend time apart and have been begging me to allow them to sleep in the same room to the extent that I am now shopping for bunk beds. Bunk beds are great because they free up floor space. And if you value your living areas, floor space in a bedroom is crucial! Here are some more clever ideas to make the most of limited space in your child’s room.

Take It Up A Notch

small kids rooms up in the air

Still Inspiration

A bunk bed is always an obvious solution to a space issue in a kids room. There are so many different shapes, sizes and configurations available that you are spoilt for choice. But a custom-built unit gives you the flexibility of getting it to perfectly fit the space. This specific unit also incorporates concealed storage which is essential in this tiny bedroom for 2.

Brightly Does It

small kids rooms colour crazy

bo-bedre & hail and shine

Use bright colours liberally in a small room, but try to keep the background white to that you don’t have an overpowering element. What I love about these 2 rooms, is the clever use of shelving: in the top picture, the floating shelf and pretty printer’s tray above the top bunk and in the bottom picture, the clever installation behind the beds to store toys and books.

Think Small

small kids rooms scaled down

Hail and Shine & Atelier Rue Verte

While your kids are small, everything in their world is scaled to suit adults – from the kitchen and the car to the living room. So it might not be such a bad idea to scale things in their room to suit them. Yes, they will eventually grow up, but they are going to be small for quite a while and by that time you would most likely want to change their rooms anyway. These 2 very sweet rooms have little beds, low cabinets and small cupboards. Even the pictures are hung lower than you usually would so that the kids can enjoy them too. Which ultimately is the point 😉

The Princess and the Pea

small kids rooms softly does it

Dying of Cute & Dcoracao

If you just can’t fathom the idea of purchasing a little bed for your little guy, then you can also consider not purchasing a bed at all and playing The Princess and the Pea! Simple stacked mattresses are not only practical for sleepovers and guests, they are also pretty cute! You can get really inexpensive medium density foam and wrap it with pretty cotton fabric: easy to wash and very nice to look at. It makes falling out of bed far less traumatic than with the traditional version as well – just as a side-note.

Higher Aspirations

small kids rooms loft living

French By Design

How to make a small space airy! If your ceiling space allows it, lift the entire sleeping area onto a platform and create a mezzanine floor with a cozy lounge area or study corner underneath. This all-white and light oak space works really well combined with the bright prints – love the colours!

Custom Creations

small kids rooms give me a lift

Bo Bedre & tpbpn

The alternative to a standard bunk bed, is to lift a regular bed slightly and then create another sleeping area on the floor underneath. Decorated with sweet little curtains and soft pillows, it looks like the perfect place to tuck a little one in at night!

And if your ceiling height doesn’t allow a loft, then lifting the bed just enough to incorporate storage boxes is a great alternative to create extra space.

I hope these have inspired you to relook your little kids’ small bedrooms with fresh and creative eyes. Happy planning!