8 tips for decorating small rooms

It can be a daunting task to decorate a small space while remaining airy with all the functions you still want it to fulfil. We have found these eight tips for decorating small rooms to be very handy and in most cases, bullet proof!

#1 Height and width

Use gloss or metallic stripes either horizontally to create the illusion of width or vertical ones to create the illusion of height in a small space.


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#2 Old perceptions

Instead of painting your room all white as the old rule goes for small spaces, rather paint one wall dark to give it depth. This really works, tried and tested! They are called receding walls for a reason.



#3 Pure colour

Use bright colour tones instead of muted ones when choosing a colour palette. It not only adds a contemporary twist but does wonders for a small space by injecting energy. Try a bright tone on the inside of bookshelves or even window sills.


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#4 Scale

The most important thing to remember is to have your furniture scaled correctly for the room. Having oversized furniture will only add to your space dilemma.



#5 Reflections

Add reflective and transparent décor accents to the room rather than solid, bulky ones to give an airy feel and sense of luxury. These include mirrors or mirror-clad furniture, glass vases and transparent pieces like a ghost chair.


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#6 Be open

Adding open shelving also creates a sense of depth and works wonders in a small space. Remember not to clutter up the shelves with trinkets but rather display your most beautiful items and keep it organized.


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#7 Accessories

Echo pattern and colour pops for a cohesive feel in a small space, making the room come together as a whole.


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#8 Work it

Buy multifunctional furniture, like loft bed that has desk space at the bottom. This will save floor space by combining two pieces in one.


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I hope you found this post inspiring and that you will be brave enough to incorporate some of these ideas in your own home!

Happy styling,