TREND #8: Eclecticism

So often, when someone doesn’t quite have a style they call it eclectic but that assumes that just throwing things together because you don’t know what you like denotes a style.

The formal definition of eclectic is deriving ideas, style, or taste from a broad and diverse range of sources (source) but that still means that it is a style per se and not just a mishmash of everything.

Eclecticism is getting bigger every year – I believe this is because people are becoming more individualistic and original in the their taste. They don’t want to conform to just one thing in their home but rather have a collection of vintage and modern, sentimental and designer, bright and muted. Putting together different styles in a room require both confidence and care to get it right.

standing out

style by emily henderson & domaine home

Choose one strong piece to stand out in a room: the teal wing-back chair provides a wonderful pop of colour in a room filled with natural wood, leather and wool. The deep-buttoned sofa is a classic piece in an otherwise very slick and modern space.

chair affair

adorable home & a beautiful mess

Having a variety of chairs is a great way to have a functional collection. Use them as is in a neutral room or paint them all in the same bright colour for an instant focal.

colour blocking

home beautiful & apartment therapy

Get the different pieces to work together with colour blocking: choose bright colours for a bohemian look or soft pastels for a tranquil space.

framed & mirrored

the jungalow & flickr

Put up a collection of frames or artwork to create an eclectic wall display. Anything goes in this display – mix textures and colours and play with the arrangement on the floor first before you put it up.

modern minimalist

Eclecticism is not only for those who like busy rooms and bright colours: an eclectic interior can just as beautifully be created with a few key pieces. Find a common colour, finish or shape and group the items together, whether they are ceramics on a dresser or chairs around a table.

When you think of all the different furniture and decorative pieces that you have, you most likely have a bit of an eclectic space as well. Make sure that you curate those pieces with a common thread to create a cohesive space.

Happy decorating!


TREND #7: Chinoiserie

I absolutely LOVE Asian inspired fabrics and wallpaper so this beautiful trend has my heart skipping a beat. Chinoiserie was first introduced in Europe in the 17th century and refers to an Asian influence in artistic expression. It is characterized by the use of fanciful imagery of an imaginary China, by asymmetry in format and whimsical contrasts of scale, and by the attempts to imitate Chinese porcelain and the use of lacquer-like materials and decoration. (source)

contemporary & classic

By far the most conventional way of introducing Chinoiserie into your home is through wallpaper. Whether it is a very contemporary take like this bright and graphic paper from Pad, or a more traditional approach like this beautiful room from Chinoiserie Chic, it creates a vibrant backdrop to any setting.

retro & contemporary

Chinese-inspired florals happily sit in a retro or modern minimalist room as well as shown here by Attic Mag and Le Blog Mademoiselle, providing both soft colour and texture to the walls.

softly does it

Whether you choose vintage Paris and Chinoiserie Ancienne paintings by Kathe Fraga, a painted furniture piece or a scatter cushion as seen on SF Girl By Bay, these beautiful patterns add a romantic, feminine touch to a space.

statement pieces

Be daring and choose an occasional piece that packs a lot of colourful punch! Gilded chair with lime green Chinoiserie fabric by Katie Rosenfeld Design and stunning wardrobe with painted interior by XO In My Room.


A few vintage teacups with fresh flowers (The White Peony) stacked for a pretty table display or a Chinese lantern from your local China Shop will add a subtle Asian touch to the setting. Image from Pinterest.


Asian inspired interiors can be very simple and minimalist as well. This beautiful gold leaf with cherry blossom feature wall is by Peter Costello of Applied Art Studios. White on white is always striking – this image via Flash Decor.

mix it up

Create these warm, eclectic looks by combining wood paneling, wallpaper in cozy colours and traditional painted panels with mid-century and contemporary furniture pieces. Images by Anthropology & Chinoiserie Chic.

  on the wall

A wallpaper focal wall is not the only option of having an Asian element on a wall: create a backdrop for your art collection or display a collection of Chinese-inspired plates in a common colour for impact. Feng Shui Dana & Pinterest.

Make sure you incorporate some Asian patterns and florals into your home for a touch of Eastern this year.

Happy trending!


TREND#6: Retro

Retro is making it onto our top 15 list for the first time this year, even though it has been trending for a while now. We’ve seen it in the popularity of the Eiffel chair by Charles and Ray Eames, vintage signage and fonts being used in anything from butcheries to weddings and architecture drawing inspiration again from Frank Lloyd Wright’s Usonian home concept from the first half of the 1900’s. A mix of styles from the 50’s, 60′ and 70’s made up of second hand and new objects presents a room that has sophisticated lines while being vibrant.

chair crazy

pembayastik & homedit

Retro style refers to new things that display characteristics of the past. It is mostly the recent past that retro seeks to recapitulate, focusing on the products, fashions and artistic styles produced since the Industrial Revolution, of Modernity. “Retro” suggests a half ironic, half longing consideration of the recent past; it has been called an unsentimental nostalgia, recalling modern forms that are no longer current.(Source) The materials being used are typical of a post- mechanized era but pre-computer technology. Materials like pressed wood and veneers, moulded foam and polypropelene are used to make everyday functional furniture.

floral fancy

dot and bo & house to home

Pretty and bright floral patterns in both random and regular patterns are an easy way to introduce the style through prints and scatters.

pretty prints

designmom & anne sage

Display pretty kitchenware in retro patterns or vintage boardgames as quirky and inexpensive wall art.

let there be light

bespoke lights & anglepoise

Retro lighting has such wonderful forms that you most likely own some already! Opt for a 70’s colour palette or try oversized for a contemporary twist.

retro rooms

welke & interior junkie

Retro can be fun too! Use old pieces from thrift stores and combine them with other essentials to create a warm and colourful nursery or kid’s room.


 muy ingenioso & etsy

Rethinking that sentimental piece that you’ve been storing in the attic for years can turn it into a functional piece of furniture or a nostalgic display. With a some love and a bit of paint in a cool colour it can be transformed into a covetable focal!

Happy Decorating!


TREND #4: Black-ground Florals

Welcome back, 1990! In that year I had a bright floral shirt printed on a black background that I now regret throwing away. These wonderfully vivid prints have come back bigger and bolder than ever.




This latest black-ground floral craze was likely inspired by the Suzani trend we’ve seen in the last few years.



The early 90’s brightly printed patterns reminiscent of those lovely late 18th century Central Asian handwork masterpieces have been reinvented with graphic botanical prints and lively flower arrangements in trendy colours. Sanderson’s and traditional British fabric and wallpaper houses have been doing this successfully for years, largely inspired by the English botanical prints made popular in Victorian and Edwardian eras.

Be Brave, Be Bold.

wall to wall

ellie cashman design

There are those of us who will embrace this trend wholeheartedly. If you are one of them, wallpaper is for you.

 Charismatic Canvass

picture it

beasts & blossoms photography & anglian home

If you’re not quite as brave, opt for a striking photograph or design and print it on canvass instead.

Hang it Up.

black out

house to home & harlequin

Curtains are a functional way to add this trend to a room. Beautiful in a Victorian-inspired dining room or as a dramatic window treatment in a teen’s room.

Nursery Nouveau 

night night

sandersons & green muze

For a truly inspired and original nursery, choose a smaller floral print on black. Pretty and calming, plus it’s gender neutral!


pure style home & etsy

Botanical prints are not only beautiful, they also bring that lovely cannot-die-if-I-forget-to-water-them green element into your home.

Instant Gratification


The quickest way to get the trend into your home is to throw a few scatters in the mix. This gorgeously vivid tropical print on the left is from Sandersons and the floral on the right is available right here in SA from Mr Price Home.

So be brave, be bold and go black-ground!


TREND # 3: Copper

There is something about this metal that makes me want to dye my hair strawberry blonde, don a frilly frock and bake a bunt cake. Beautiful copper hues have been shining through in everything from furniture and accessories to kitchen cabinets and Airstream trailers in the last few years, and thank goodness, we have not yet seen the last of it.

Softly Does It.

copper blush & marsala

dulux & pantone

Both Pantone’s and Dulux’s colours of the year are the perfect compliments for copper. Marsala and Copper Blush should be used liberally, on walls and lips alike!

Put it up.


pinkula & flickr

Whether it’s your kitchen cabinets or your caravan, if you’re going to overhaul make sure you clad it in copper.

Something for everyone.

masculine & feminine

leedy interiors & shelf storage company

Team it up with moody blues and walnut for a strong, masculine feel. Or play on the soft side of the metal with mauve, grey and rosy pink.

Make a statement.

go big

The Style Project

Be daring and choose statement pieces that have that WOW-factor.

The small things.

all in the details

leedy interiors & zola

Or keep things toned down and opt for subtle – a simple vase as part of a grouping or the legs of retro chair.

A cut above.


anthropology & design vintage

This exquisite cutlery set makes my eyes well up – it is seriously covetable. But if copper cutlery doesn’t quite cut it for you, opt for a understated cage light.

Ride it.

shiny rider

Wow. Nothing else, just WOW!

This trend is certainly here to stay for a few more years, so whatever you do: make sure you copper!


TREND # 1: A Personal Sanctuary

We are dedicating the month of January 2015 to all things trendy and it looks like there will be a big focus on home sanctuaries this year. Think of the garden studio, quiet corners in the garden and then of course the home library.

” Reading gives us someplace to go when we have to stay where we are”  – Mason Cooley

  My great grandmother was a very lucky lady that was named “Ma Baker” because she had four handsome sons. But even more impressive was that she had her own library at home: top to bottom book shelves with a big arm chair as her personal sanctuary.


 ‘Ma Baker’ in her ‘happy place’

Taking my cue from this wonderful woman’s reading nook, I have found a few very inspirational home libraries to suit any size home or apartment.

Wall of floating shelves

Create a focal wall with floating shelves and break the horizontal lines with a narrow wooden ladder for when you need to reach the top shelf.


Wonder wall

Colour was added to this wall by decorating it with books. It creates a lovely eclectic feel against the white canvas and is finished off with a contrasting distressed door.


Loft style book shelves

This open shelf bookcase gives added storage and a chance to show off other items that fit the interior like the gift bags at the top. The room has a lovely formal rhythm thanks to the pigeon hole shelving while maintaining a feminine feel with the soft pink furniture.


Apartment solution

If you are renting an apartment opt for a free standing book case in a light color. I love the string of fairy lights on the side of the shelf to soften the lines.


Modern interpretation

Loosely stack a few crates together or opt for plastic crates for a more modern, industrial feel. These are cleverly kept together with custom-made clips. Alternatively go for this shapely tree shelf to really make a statement.


Sitting pretty

This would be a great option for a teenager’s room or a rented space. The multifunctional chair designed by British design studio TILT doubles as seating and storage. I think it’s genius!


TILT studio

Cupboard of books

Display your books in a cupboard with glass panel doors to get the best of both worlds. I love the fact that the books are protected but still on show. Just add a comfy chair and you are set with a quiet little space to read at your leisure.


Light on the subject

I simply love the individual industrial style lamps that were added to the top of this built-in bookshelf. The distressed leather sofa suits the dark shelves perfectly and looks very inviting.


Playing the blues

This is such a refreshing take on the more traditional top to bottom book cases as it’s painted in a lovely blue tone. The eclectic furniture add lots of personality to the space with its stunning inter-leading industrial windows.


High and dry

These individual shelving units have been designed to leave enough window space while forming part of the architectural elements. Due to the double volume of the space it works well with the high gloss dark stained floor.


Industrial elements

I simply love the use of this steel staircase with steel and wood shelving and the industrial lights finish off the look beautifully. This is a great space to incorporate signage like the exit sign seen in the middle.


Wise words

I fully agree with this lovely quote. Or should I say that I wouldn’t mind both!


I am so inspired after doing this post that my next big project will definitely be to follow in Gran’s footsteps and create my own home library. Goodness knows I have a collection that could fill a small public library already.

If you are not ready for a big project like this but would like to do some simple decorating with books, have a look at my previous post on the subject. It’s still one of my favourites!

Happy styling,