Foliage inspiration for your home

After the Valentine’s flowers have wilted I thought it a good idea to do an inspirational post of leaves as flower arrangements.

It’s very trendy to show shapely foliage inside and the bonus is that it lasts much longer (usually anyway!)

It’s good in glass

Combining a collection of leaves, branches and even plants in interesting glass vases make a sophisticated arrangement. It’s also a great way to display vases that end up gathering dust while waiting for that special someone to bring you flowers.



Simple but striking mantle piece

Add visual interest to a window sill, ledge or even mantle piece with a collection of different glass vases or containers with single fern leaves.


Delicious retro

Nothing defines retro better for me than a Delicious Monster leaf. Group three together in a large glass vase and just look at the impression it makes on this dining room table.

LEAVES6 fantasticfrank

Liven up a collection

By adding living elements to a collection of art like these leaves and plants you are sure to create a show-stopper display. Subtle and simply gorgeous with a retro feel.



Going Greek

Add a few olive branches to a outdoor plant container to create a bit of drama with a whimsical appeal.


 gillianstevensphotography colincowieweddings

Meet my friend Penny

I have always loved Penny gum branches and this year I plan on planting my first tree so that I can place the fragrant leaves all around the house.



Basket case

Why not add a few branches to a lovely hanging basket to liven up a dull corner in the home? Use branches that dry well and don’t loose their shape.



Thoughtful gift idea

Friends of mine have started this trend that I think is very nifty. They bake a cake for a birthday boy or girl and put it in a beautiful glass dome to give to the person as a gift. You can also do this by giving a friend a glass vase with flowers or just a few branches of my beloved Penny Gum.



Green with envy

This lovely green focal wall is complemented with the use of green foliage and the leaf print on the side plates. It gives the setting a botanical feel.


Now go forth armed with your garden sears and see what lovely foliage you can find!

Happy styling,


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