Home Decor in The Colour White

“White is not a mere absence of colour; it is a shining and affirmative thing, as fierce as red, as definite as black. God paints in many colours; but He never paints so gorgeously, I had almost said so gaudily, as when He paints in white. ” ― G.K. Chesterton, Orthodoxy

The first magazine editor I ever worked for as a stylist was a firm believer of this quote and her house was a stunning abode celebrating white on white. Sadly she is not with us any longer but every time I come across a white interior, I think of her and all the things she taught me. So here is my ode to her and home decor in the colour white.

Gallery wall

Paint frames with different shapes and sizes in high gloss white to create a bespoke gallery wall in a hallway. The black chair contrasts beautifully with the stark white and the shapes of the frames add wonderful texture. vtwonen theultralinx


Gossip corner

I love this built-in outdoor sofa with the green foliage softening the stark white. It’s a lovely corner to have an intimate conversation with a friend over some good coffee. tumblr bloglovin


White lace curtains

Add some romance by using white lace as curtains: it adds a layer of privacy without completely obstructing the view. This works well in a slightly rustic bedroom, like the one on the right, with its vintage cast-iron bed. etsy lenebjerre


Rustic bedroom

How lovely and fresh is this barn-style bedroom with its crisp white bedding? I’d love to wake up here! The bed pops with its distressed wood surrounds and the over-sized windows let through healthy natural light. modernhepburn fashionfever


Reading nook

This daybed softened with white curtain drops becomes an intimate reading nook: perfect for lazy afternoons. domino laurelberninteriors


Hang on

This lovely suspended daybed is draped with rough weaves and chunky knits to add texture to the setting, giving it a cozy feel. remodelista designlovefest



The white-washed wood cladding with a slightly exposed wood grain adds wonderful textural interest to this all-white space. By echoing the texture on the floor, you can create a seamless transition between the 2 surfaces. inspirewetrust mamanatural


Good enough too eat

This modern dining setting has an eclectic feel with the variety of chair designs; their all-white finish make them work as a collection. The industrial light fitting and gloss white floor are simply stunning and contrasts beautifully against the matte walls. inspirewetrust annabellebreakey


Heart of the home

White subway tiles with dark grout are very trendy at the moment, in both homes and commercial interiors. Combined with rustic cabinet doors and a white floor, it creates an uncluttered and spacious room. Warmth is added with the light wood tops. bloglovin thelane


Mirror, mirror on the wall

Mirrors create a sense of space and this larger than life one with an ornate frame does that beautifully. Remember to place your mirror so that it reflects a pretty scene. The picture on the right is my ultimate shoe-desire: I would love a pair of white All Stars – not sure how long they will stay white though! etc-alltherest polyvore


Easy does it

Create a sanctuary in your living room by using chalky tones, offset with crisp white. bloglovin esther


Point of view

Doilies and off-cut pieces of transparent fabric are sewn together to create a curtain.: nostalgic and beautifully whimsical! freepeople jelanieshop


Modern country

Roughly plastered walls with sleek furniture live together comfortably in this setting – it’s a subtle eclectic combination. abeautifulliving etsy


Work it

I simply love this slightly distressed wall cladding and wall to wall floating shelves, the bottom one being the desk. It’s clean and super practical with power points both left and right, allowing two people to work here comfortably. homedit grumpyrainbows


Lead the way

Plastered walls with a textured floor in creamy shades of white make this small hallway seem larger than it is. How adorable are those slippers! inspirewetrust they-all-hate-us


I hope you have enjoyed all the white on white eye candy and feel inspired to incorporate some of the features shown here into your own home.

Happy styling,


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