Patterning through April

“Patterns and colours are an endless game to play” – Rositta Missoni


I had the privilege of seeing this wonderful woman on the stage at the Design Indaba 2015 Conference and if there is anyone that can speak with authority on the use of pattern, it is Madame Rositta Missoni. As the matriarch of Italian fashion house Missoni, she has taken her brand through more than 7 decades of intensely passionate and vibrantly colourful pattern and their new homeware range is a testament to that.

missoni 2

 The moodboards of their Collezioni 15 are so inspirational that we have decided to devote an entire month to pattern. The mix of vintage pattern with modern colour and trends are an homage to their brand, remembering where they came from while still leading the way.

missoni 1

Missoni is one of the leading patterned textile designers in the world and with their guidance we will be looking at the patterns around us and invite you to play with the patterns in your life, both subtly and fiercely.

Watch out – it’s everywhere!



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