Watercolour murals

There has been a big boom in wall finishes the past few years: we have seen very creative focal walls done in different mediums from specialized paint and cement finishes to beautiful wallpapers. I think it’s safe to say that if you don’t have one in your home you are probably immune to inspiration!  But we are going to prevail and try to inspire you anyway! In line with our watercolour theme we have found some very creative and fun watercolour murals to share with you.

Art Class

Bright and bold watercolour stains create a lovely energy to a room. The colours remind me of art class and I simply love them! It’s very refreshing to see unexpected colour combinations like these.


picslovin.com architectureartdesigns.com


This is probably the easiest way to get a perfect watercolour stain on your wall – with wallpaper. I love the monotone stains and their watery feel will have a calming effect in any space.



Splash out

We have seen a lot of solid watercolour stains and so I simply love the dots on the wall on the left. It’s also done in the super fresh colour scheme of cobalt blue and white, reminding me of Delft crockery.


queenslandhomes.com.au thelifecreativeblog.com


This subtle watermark wall is super sophisticated and will live a little longer than most on the wall without dating.




If you’re not ready to commit to a watercolour wall but love the look, then it’s probably best you invest in some art. The wall hanging on the left and the squares right are both stunning and subtle while creating an impressive focal.


nynnerosenvinge.com brit.co


This is probably my favourite watercolour mural: soft and feminine, it might just be the perfect wall in a baby girl’s nursery.


thehousethatlarsbuilt.com bloglovin.com


Watercolour prints are very trendy at the moment and they’re available all over online shops like Etsy. Especially the world map seems to be particularly popular. I would love to do a pink Africa like the framed portrait on the right! Watch this space, it might be in the pipeline!


etsy.com anewall.com

I hope you have been inspired by all these watery walls!

Happy styling,


Surprising Textured Walls

Creating a statement wall in your home adds a lovely focus to any room. Adding texture to it makes it even more fun and creates another layer. I have sourced some beautiful examples of textured walls from gently worn to cement finishes and everything in between.

Stripped paint

This paint technique takes textured walls to the next level by revealing color layers. It gives a sense of old world charm and adds lots of character to the settings as the perfect backdrop. buzzfeed Pinterest


Havana inspired

Having a wall with layers deliberately stripped away reminds me of the beautiful walls you see in Havana. It’s like the walls have a story to tell and I love that. sfgirlbybay carlaaston


Distressed cement finishes

Cement finishes are still all the rage and these walls have added texture to them that emphasizes the industrial look by giving it a lived-in feel. trend-daily tinekhome


Seamless cement

The added wavy lines above the headboard adds movement to the wall and makes it less stark. This is such a good example of how wall to floor finishes can work very well combined with the right furniture and accessories. tinekhome


Beautiful bamboo

This wallpaper adds visual texture to the wall. It’s got a lovely warm and inviting feeling to it and works perfectly well with the eclectic decor in this bedroom. mydomaine


Wood cladding

This is far from a new concept but how refreshing is the block paneling on the right? It’s a lovely modern take on the normal plank cladding and creates beautiful lines with the elevation of some of the blocks. It almost has a retro feel of the 70’s to it. homedzine caymandriftwood


Another brick in the wall

Exposed bricks are lovely and a sure winner in almost any space. I love the way the awkward shape of the wall is emphasized by the stark white surrounding the brick wall – it’s very quirky! thedesignerpadwalls7

Bling bling

Metallic wallpapers have been popping up all over the decor show and they’re not just for glamorous hotel foyers any longer. On the right is a marbled wallpaper with a very interesting texture and on the left a teal and gold one that has a Moroccan feel with a twist. zsazsabellagio design-milk


tangible texture

I have installed a wall with textured wallpaper from Builders Warehouse in my home, similar to the one on the left and I simply love it. It was painted the same colour grey as the surrounding walls so is just a subtle texture when the light hits it. The texture on the right is made up of printed tin roof plates that are also a firm favorite of mine. I think it would look great in a kitchen. celebratingeverydaylife anthropologie


I hope these images inspired you to look at your walls differently and set the mood for our month of textures here at Homeology.

Happy styling,


Paint techniques that will blow your mind

It is so refreshing to see that the trend setters have taken paint techniques to a whole new level. It’s still the quickest way to transform a room and a way for you to put your personal stamp on your interior.

I have found a few that I’m sure will inspire.

Rainbow walls

Fun and playful! Turn your walls into a kaleidoscope of color with this ombre effect or simple stripes.


remodelaholic.com designsponge.com

Uneven strokes

Paint a section in a bold color with uneven brush strokes to create an artistic effect with just the right amount of pop!


stephaniecreekmur.com homedit.com

Loft style 

If you are more drawn to a somber palette, opt for tones of grey and white in uneven strokes.


convoy.tumblr.com desiretoinspire.net

Go graphic

Break up a wall with bold geometric shapes in different tones of grey.



Pretty patterns

Introduce subtle pattern with color by stenciling a modern geometric pattern on your wall. It adds texture and a second layer that create visual interest.



We tend to be a bit conservative when it comes to color but once you have gone wild on a wall you will never look back. It’s a bit like a hair cut … remember you can always paint over it again like you can always let your hair grow.

Happy styling,

margaux 200px