Custom carpet design & the MOOOI revolution

Among the many things I adore about Moooi, their name has to be the one I am especially endeared to. The name of the Dutch studio means “pretty” and the same word is used in my mother tongue, Afrikaans. Referencing the intended misspelling, the iconic founders of Moooi, Marcel Wanders and Casper Vissers explains: “the third ‘o’ in the brand name stands for an extra value in terms of beauty & uniqueness.” And a bit of dramatic effect has never hurt anyone!

moooi 1

Carpet #1 by Marcel Wanders & Remnant 2 by Neri & Hu

Moooi has never shied away from colour and their new carpet line is testament to the breaking-the-boundaries kind of thinking that has made them famous. While the first carpet for the studio, Wander’s excuisite Carpet #1 hails from 2005 with a few more designs since, the studio has not had an official carpet collection until this year, which was launched at the Salone Del Mobile in Milan in April.

moooi 2

Amoeba by Bertjan Pot & Oxidized from the Moooi Works Collection

It is difficult to believe that these designs are carpets, with their excuisite detail and clarity of the prints. But these are not only statement pieces: Carpet #1 is already a modern classic and an investment piece.


Liqued Birch by Broerson & Lukács

The technology involved in creating these rugs and carpets is really groundbreaking. Thanks to a high definition Chromojet printer and its accurate tones, it’s possible to reach an unlimited mix of colour, opening the doors to an endless and unlimited world of colour and depth. To top it all, the quality of the prints are extremely high definition, making it possible to produce full color flooring solutions. (from a press release by Moooi)


Garden of Eden Grey by Edward van Vliet

The range consists of a Signatures Collection by a hand-picked group of designers as well as work by the studio and The Moooi Works Collection which have a range of designs with customizable colours, shapes and sizes. But the most revolutionary is the bespoke service where Moooi’s fantastic carpet designers will guide you through your wildest carpet dreams. Which means that you can custom design your own, one-of-a-kind carpet, whether you choose to print a photograph, a drawing or your favourite graphic!  I truly believe that customization is the way forward – and if you haven’t yet read my article on that, have a look here!


Eden Queen by Marcel Wanders

This one is my personal favourite. I was trying to think where I would put it should I own it one day, and then I realized that with a carpet this beautiful, you really don’t need anything else in the room!

Moooi Carpets are distributed exclusively in Southern Africa by Edge Interiors and Moooi Carpets.


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