Pet project: upcycling for pets

Are you a cat or a dog person? I am siding with the hipsters and are firmly on the cat side. Although I love all animals to be honest but happen to have the loveliest cat in the world called Mouse. Have a look at these very quirky and fun upcycling projects for your pets, whether they be cats or dogs!

Scratching post


How simple and sleek! With just two pieces of pine, thick rope and a glue gun you can create this lovely scratch patch for kitty.

Cat headquarters


A great way to upcycle a box is to turn it into a cat house. I love the attention to detail with the window cut outs. My cat will love this.

Double take


Repurpose an old suitcase by creating this retro bunk bed! Alternatively you can buy it from

Scratch and sniff


Create a catnip scratching post with a wooden frame, corrugated cardboard and a sprinkle of the good stuff!



We all know cats love to crawl into burrows and tiny spaces. Create your own cat tent with some cardboard, masking tape, two pieces of curved wire and an old t-shirt. Kitty will love you forever!

Good enough to eat


Upcycle an old tire into a soft spot for your dog. I love the pink they used to paint this one. Very cheeky!

Chew-able rags


Tear old t-shirts into strips and weave them together to form this lovely toy for your dog.

Dog’s live


Monte sure is one lucky dog to have this lovely pallet bed on wheels, complete with comfy pillow.

Eat up!


This is a great idea for older dogs with back problems. I’m not quite sure how I feel about the lovely chairs that are now dog bowls. Maybe it’s because I’ve always had ones exactly like these around my dining room table. Still it’s a new way of thinking so let’s celebrate that!

I’m definitely going to pimp Mouse’s pad with a few of these ideas. Hope you do the same and share them with us!

Happy styling,


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