4 great reasons to install aluminium security shutters this year

aluminium shutters

Shutters have been used in homes for centuries, and while the function has remained the same, the style and materials have been greatly improved over the years.  Modern aluminium security shutters have become synonymous with slick minimalist style and practicality, with their beautiful lines adding interest to a window or door opening. But there is so much more to them!

aluminium shutters


Local shutter company Finishing Touches is paving the way with their beautiful range of custom-made shutters. Let’s have a look at why aluminium security shutters are the best things you can install in your home this year.

  1. Practicality

Aluminium security shutters are custom-made to fit your space, giving you complete light, wind and privacy control. While they are a fantastic weather barrier, shutters can be opened up completely or tilted to allow varying degrees of light and air to enter a room. The seals between panels make them wind and water-proof as well, so your home will be sufficiently protected against the elements.  Shutters are also easy to clean and require minimal additional maintenance.

aluminium shutters

Décor Pad

Aluminium is rust proof, ensuring that these shutters will look great for years – even in harsher coastal conditions or humid rooms like bathrooms.

These security shutters can be installed on the inside of windows or doors, or they can be used to enclose open areas like patios.

  1. Style

While shutters were traditionally used in period homes, they are now very much a design feature in modern homes as well. The strong horizontal lines add beautiful detail to a room, and because it eliminates the need for curtains or other window treatments, aluminium shutters are ideally suited to a simple and unfussed décor scheme. Homes with a coastal theme also benefit greatly from the look of shutters because they mimic shiplap detailing.

aluminium shutters


The aluminium is powder-coated in a variety of versatile colours to suit your home: white, bronze, charcoal, light grey and dark grey.

  1. Security

aluminium shutters


Especially in South Africa, we have to be realistic about the circumstances that surround us. Aluminium security shutters can give you the interior air-circulation and sunlight of an open door or window while giving you a great level of security. These specialised security shutters also have a double locking system to further increase your safety at home. You can choose to have an optional finishing architrave to further increase security, while finishing off your installation beautifully with no visible screws or openings.

  1. Environmental Impact

Aluminium frames are tough, extremely lightweight, resistant to corrosion and requires little to no maintenance during its long lifetime. They are also completely recyclable with the unique ability to not lose any of its inherent properties during the recycling process. Finishing Touches Aluminium Security Shutters are produced in South Africa, giving them another thumbs-up for low carbon footprint.

aluminium shutters

Finishing Touches

Aluminium security shutters are an investment that will increase your home’s value and security, while adding style at minimal cost to the environment. That is home improvement that checks a lot of boxes!

Happy Renovating!

This is a sponsored post. For more information on aluminium shutters, visit Finishing Touches here.

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