Youthful window dressing trends for the young and young at heart

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Window dressing has the ability to make a room look complete, it’s the ultimate finishing touch that adds warmth, character, texture, and colour. I live on a farm in the beautiful Franschhoek valley – I know, I am incredibly blessed! And with the mother of all storms raging outside today, I am reminded of a stormy day that we moved into a renovated farmhouse nearly 5 years ago. I can’t believe that I didn’t document that process, but there was so much going on then that it really just didn’t cross my mind. The one thing that I vividly remember, was that we didn’t have any curtains in the large open plan living and dining room and how cold and clinical the room seemed. I only realized how window dressing adds to a room when I finally got round to installing beautiful, airy linen sheers 2 years later. Window dressing can be a lot of fun too and with Youth Day on the 16th, Finishing Touches explores the latest trends in window decor for the young and young at heart.

Jewel Tones

Pop Sugar

Window treatments in jewel tones add brilliant colour to a space. Colours like amethyst and turquoise, emerald and ruby, are popular mixed with soft metallic like platinum or brushed nickel. Use 2 colours together for extra punch.

Let the light in

Interior Housing

One trend that has always been and will probably always be a classic, is using window treatments that allow a lot of natural light into the room. Use simple panels of sheer fabrics or roller blinds to add warmth to the room but still let light through. They make a great room divider too!

Add some fun

Urban Outfitters

Who says curtains have to be so serious? Try these pom-pom curtains for some fun in your room. Installed on a decorative metal pole, they are sure to become a talking point. You can even add baubles in different colours if you want to be really adventurous!

Natural Elements

Recycle Art & Completely Coastal & John Lewis

Natural materials give you the opportunity to bring nature indoors. It’s all about nature-inspired and eco-friendly materials and designs. It’s no longer just a trend, but more of a conscious lifestyle and design choice. Bamboo blinds layered with simple sheer linen panels create an elegant yet earthy simplicity in any space. If bamboo blinds are not for you, why not consider a natural wood pole or clip-on rod to add that natural touch to your room? You can also get really creative with twine and sisal rope to add beautiful natural textures to your window dressing.

 window dressing


It’s the Golden Age for warm metallics like copper and rose gold: it’s shiny, it’s warm and it’s gloriously beautiful. This metal is both modern and rustic; industrial-looking while retaining its organic roots. Use these warm metals liberally in your interior with curtain poles draped with soft pinks and blush. Or to add a bit of masculinity to an otherwise feminine palette, choose midnight blue or moody greys.

window dressing

Stainless Steel

Not just a favourite for appliances anymore, stainless steel is making its way throughout the home. To incorporate this trend into your window treatments, use stainless steel and other metallic curtain rods through eyelet panels to create a simple, unadorned look.

Savvy Showers

Beautiful Matters

Did you know that you can add a standard curtain to the outside of your shower curtain? You don’t have to be bound by shower curtain designs anymore. Just hang a plain waterproof shower curtain on the inside and add the curtain of your choice outside. Clever, isn’t it?

New Neutrals

1001 block

Charcoal and slate are the new neutrals and blend beautifully with metallic trends. Finishing Touches has a variety of products in slate grey to add to your home’s palette. This darker neutral frames a window elegantly and adds a more sophisticated look to a room. And if you want to update boring old curtain with slate, why not just ombre-dip them? Click here for the tutorial!

These hot trends for 2017 are so versatile that you can incorporate them in any interior – whether you are aiming to show your sophisticated or your youthful side.

Happy Window Dressing!



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