7 Ways with Darling Dolly Pegs

Old fashioned wooden dolly pegs have always held a nostalgic fascination for me. Aside from the obvious practicality, there is also something very beautiful about their design. Margaux gave me set for my birthday and I’ve played around with them a bit to see how I can use them outside of their intended purpose. They are really easy to colour-dip as well: just stick in a pot of paint and let them drip for a while, then remove the excess with a brush and leave them on a glass to dry.

Dinner's ready

  1 & 2. Table Dressing

2 ways to use dolly pegs in a place setting: either as a napkin holder or as a name card holder on a glass.

for later

3. For the road

Have some left overs? Pin it up with a peg!

tied up and down

4 & 5. It’s a tie

Tie it up or tie it back: combining a dolly peg with a ribbon makes a great tie back. And to prevent your outdoor table cloth from flapping in the wind, tie it down with one.

winding you up

6. Nice and Tidy

Dolly pegs are the perfect way to contain a collection of ribbons. Just pop the one end through the slit and start winding it up. All sorted!

boxed in

7. Pretty Gifts

Who doesn’t love a beautifully wrapped gift? Tie it up with ribbons and use a pretty dolly peg to keep some flowers in place.

Happy playing dolly!

germarie 200px


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