Basket case – clever ideas from storage to display

Baskets are very trendy at the moment and I have found some clever ways to incorporate them into your home. My favorite is the pretty wire baskets stocked by most home stores as they offer such a wide variety of DIY options.

Idea #1 – Wire basket storage

Turn the wire basket on its side and secure to the wall to create these stunning display units.


Idea #2 – Bathroom and kitchen storage

These pretty wire baskets are especially handy in the bathroom and kitchen.


Idea #3 – Laundry basket

Why not cover a basket with lovely lace to give it a more feminine feel as a laundry basket.


Idea #4 – Display

Put your collection of different baskets to good use by combining them in an open shelf bookcase to store unsightly items.


Idea #5 – Basket lamp shade

This trend is one of my current favorites: the basket lampshade. Use fisherman baskets with a rough weave and try to go as big as possible to really make an impression.


 Idea #6 – Wire basket table or plant stand

Using a wire basket with a table top creates a very eye catching and geometric side table. Combine two wire baskets to create height and use it for a plant stand.


 Idea #7 – Mantel piece decor

If you are more rustic inclined, try combining a basket tray with a wreath for a lovely accent above your fire place.


 Idea #8 – Basket planters

A wicker basket adds a nostalgic element used as a planter on this patio.


I hope you are inspired by all these lovely ideas and beautiful baskets.

Happy styling,

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