Styling ideas: botanical

Using botanical prints, seed packets and collections of plants add a lived-in feel to a space. Try these simple styling tricks in your home.

Layered walls

Combine botanical prints with magazine cut-outs and add them to a wall. It looks like wallpaper and adds depth and interest. Then place a distressed furniture item in front of it and add a collection of glass and ceramic vessels with a few of your favorite plants and succulents.


String them up

Create a greenhouse effect by stringing up herbs and plants that look good when dried to a piece of string and secure them with pegs. Then add an indoor potting table to display a collection of cuttings and plants. This will work very well in a sun room. You could also string up seed packets or prints like bunting or simply suspend a few fern leaves as a backdrop at a dinner party.


Stack it up

Try this impressive and graphic collection of wooden boxes stacked up to display your collection of plants in beautiful vases and pots. Paint some of the backs of the boxes in a muted color like this grey to tie it all together. Leave some of the pots empty and incorporate geometric-shaped items and books to add interest and texture.




Display black and white botanical prints in different frames to achieve this eclectic look on the right. If you like it more distressed opt for suspending a glass vase with a single leaf as the ‘picture’. It’s an unexpected twist that is sure to attract a lot of attention. The bottom picture shows another way of framing botanicals by using industrial windows to showcase a lush garden.



Combine lovely ceramic items like these hands with succulent plants, feathers and black and white photos to create a still life in a corner of the home. It’s structural and graphic with a lot of impact. Alternatively you could use wooden artist figures available from your local craft store.

Hanging plants are still all the range and grouped together they make a lovely collection. Have a look at the wide range of plants available from Opus. They specialize in hanging gardens, flowers and plant related designs.


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